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Our vineyards

The farmhouses are completely surrounded by over 8 hectares of vineyards of our property, all part of the DOC Colli del Trasimeno and including the varieties Sangiovese ("clone grosso"), Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The altitude of 350/400 metres, the southern exposure and the climatic conditions makes our varieties perfect for the production of red wines suitable for aging, which blend well with the culinary tradition of our region.

Our wines



Grapes: Sangiovese & Merlot

Winemaking: 12 months in steel barrel with malolactic fermentation

Aging: At least 12 months in bottle

Alcohol: 14%

Tasting: Intense ruby red with purple reflections. Fragrant nuances of rose and cyclamen, cherry, berries and juniper. Fresh, dynamic, good texture and insistent tannin. Nice persistence

Pairing: Ideal for pasta, white meats and pork, fresh cheeses and cold cuts



Grapes: Sangiovese 100 %

Winemaking: 12 months in steel barrel with malolactic fermentation

Aging: 24 months in French oak barrel (only for Barricato), at least 12 months in bottle

Alcohol: 14,5%

Tasting: Ruby red colour with garnet reflections. Intense aromas of violet and iris, plum and cherry, rosemary, laurel berries, cloves and coffee, with a final hint of vanilla and liquorice.

Perfectly balanced, with ripe tannins and long persistence

Pairing: Lasagne, wild boar stew with olives, hard cheeses, wild boar salami



Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese & Merlot

Winemaking: 12 months in steel barrel with malolactic fermentation

Aging: 24 months in a large French oak barrel (medium toasted), at least 12 months in bottle

Alcohol: 14,5%

Tasting: Garnet colour with orange reflections. Harmonic and fine olfactory impact, with delicate notes of wild rose, black pepper, cinnamon, leather and tobacco. The taste is elegant, with flavours of ripe red fruit, refined tannins and remarkable persistence

Pairing: Grilled meats, roasts, particularly tasty first dishes, very hard cheeses

Our olive groves

Our company has more than 12 hectares of olive groves for a total of more than 1600 plants, many of which are secular, all of which belong to the cultivar typical of the area of the Colli del Trasimeno, such as Leccino, Muraiolo, Frantoio and Dolce Agogia (the names of our apartments).
Our olive groves are all organic, without the use of herbicides or pesticides and harvesting, which begins already from the first weeks of October in order to collect a fruit with a larger concentration of polyphenols, is still done manually in the respect of traditions and the preservation of the trees.


Our extra virgin olive oil


Upon arrival at the mill the olives are stored in ventilated cases, 20 kg, and within 12 hours begins the process; they are then defoliated, washed and sent to the crusher.

After about 30 minutes starts the real phase of extraction; the dough is pushed through a pump in the “Decanter”, which through a process of centrifugation separates the solid part, the core, the pulp is dried and the skins, from the liquid part that is oil and water, the so-called “Must”.

The pressing takes place through a system of steel discs which grind the olives to make a fine paste; the dough is in a tub thermal collection, where it will begin the kneading process. The kneading process is the process of continuous movement of the dough, so as to facilitate the separation of the oily part from the solid part, and to achieve the dough the ambient temperature of 27°C.

The “must”, is further processed, by a method of the separation and subsequent centrifugation to guarantee the removal of any impurities.
The oil thus obtained, the appearance of amber, is in reality “oil noble”, which has as characteristics: opacity, color green leaf with golden reflections and nuances persistent and its taste is unmistakable, fine and delicately fruity.

This oil is then stored in tanks watertight stainless steel and at the appropriate time the bottled in the usual packaging that we bring directly to you, our customers... on your tables around the world.

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With our oil we also produce our condiments flavored using only natural ingredients (Garlic, Basil, Lemon, Chilli, Rosemary and white Truffle). Great for salads, bruschetta, grilled meat and fish.



All our products are available at the point of sale of the company in a farm, to orders and shipments you can contact us by email at casalideltoppello@gmail.com or 3356170584.

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